Winter 2010 in Nineveh, PA

We were hit hard with snow in the Winter 2010.
Over 25+ inches of snow hit the ground and it's only the beginning of February.
More snow is in the wind for our area.
We lost power on Friday the 5th of Feb. around 10:30pm and didn't get it restored until Tuesday around 12:15pm.
Our phones went out sometime on Saturday and we didn't get them back till Tuesday as well.
We were lucky there were still several other families without power for over a week.
Families and Neighbors joined together helping shovel and plow driveways, take in people that had no heat and also
running to town for supplies as needed. Thanks to all for all you did during this rough winter!

We got some snow and had no idea of the snow that followed.

Although we ended up with tons of snow you still can't help but stop and admire the beauty through the storm.

Tree fell across Rt. 18 in Nineveh. It feel so slow and ended up on a power line that I got slow motion pictures :)

Farm on way back to Nineveh

Heading into Nineveh

Taken along Rt. 18 heading back to Nineveh from Waynesburg

McClellen's truck in front as we headed back from a trip to Walmart.

By Sunday we were all wishing we had a generator.

Night time in Nineveh, PA. The power was just restored earlier in the day.