~Hopkins Store~

Hours: 7am - 7pm Monday- Saturday
4pm - 7pm Sunday
Closed on major Holidays

Hopkins Store was purchased by John Hopkins around 1946. At that time the post office was also inside of this store where they now have the ice-cream and hot sub sandwich counter.

old picture when they used to sell gas.

Stop in for an ice-cream cone!
Too many flavors to pick just one so stop back and try them all!


Coffee or cappuccino available


Stop in for lunch and have a delicious sub!


Deli Meats & Cheeses Available


Yep scale still works!!


LOTS OF CRAFTS!! Check out Jonah's County Corner
OPEN year round! once a year Thanksgiving Weekend- OPEN HOUSE
Several additional crafts brought in for the Christmas season.
Specials~ Drawings
Stop in and see all the neat things.
Most of the crafts are all hand made.


This was opened around October 1999.
The small room attached to the store used to be a fed room and they converted it into a cute little craft area.

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